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Karen's Clients Testimonials

Hi Karen

It is two years since we changed the colouring product on my hair and started using the natural product 'Colour Herbe'. I have noticed my hair is softer, and the colour as good as it was with the former perovuide foils.

I am happy to have taken your advice on using a more eco friendly product.

Best Wishes

Julia. Mid Sussex. March 2015

I have had my hair highlighted with Colour Herbe for several years and have been very satisfied with the product. It produces a natural hair colour and I do believe it is superior to other hair colourings. Friends and aquaintances often comment upon how attractive and glossy my hair is. It seems to withstand daily washing well and requires colour treatment only four times or five times a year.

Kay Lacy. Swindon

For some years, living in London, I had my hair coloured at a salon there using Herbe Colour and was 100% satisfied with the results the colour gave me. On moving to Sussex two years ago, until I found your salon, I had to make do with a chemical based colour in a local salon. Over a period of months, the condition of my hair gradually deteriorated noticeably and so I was over the moon when I discovered you on the Herbe website. Now, thanks to you and Herb Colour, my hair is back to its healthy, shiny condition. I would not go back to chemical colours. Herbe colours give a very natural looking colour and also gives my hair total grey cover, as well as the added peace of mind that it is 100% safe on hair and the environment. Having experienced both Herbe and chemical colours, I was amazed to see the difference in the condition of my hair. Thank you so much for making my return to Herbe Colour possible.

Christina, retired from Polgate.

A while ago Karen encouraged me to colour my hair and I explained that I hadn't done so before because I did not want to use products that were cruelly tested on animals and I also didn't like the smell of the chemicals. Karen agreed to make investigations for me and found colour herbe, which we have used ever since. Their products are natural, cruelty free and work wonderfully. The colour is great, covers well, lasts a long time, doesn't smell and leaves my hair shiny and feeling very soft. I would recommend colour herbe products and Karen's artistry very highly.

Therese Ring from Ovingdean

Karen used organic colour herbe on my hair with fantastic results.  It is a really natural colour and blended in with my natural hair colour as my hair grew.  The colour lasted really well, unlike some other red hair colours I have had.  There was no horrible bleach smell and no irritation to my fair skin.  I am really pleased with it.  Thank you Karen.

Alison from Burgess Hill, Sussex